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To check out a resource, write your request on the form at the back table. The items will be brought the following Sunday if available; otherwise you will notified if they are already checked out. Resources can be checked out for 4 weeks.


Book     101 Frequently Asked Questions about Homosexuality     Haley, Mike
3 CDs     3 Tough Questions     Koukl, Gregorl


CD     A Biblical Case for Elder Rule: Whom does God want Leading the Church? (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Dumas, Dan


CD     A Crisis in Preaching (Shepherds Conference 2008)     Mohler, Al


CD     A Few Good Men: Developing Lay Leadership in your Church (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Holland, Rick


Book     A Is For Adam     Ham, Ken & Mally


Book     The Mother At Home     Abbot, John S.C.


Book     A Pocket Guide To ... Global Warming     Answers In Genesis


CD     A Recipe for Success: Four Key Ingredients for Effective Preaching (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Hardy, Carey


Book     A Rule Book for Arguments     Weston, Anthony


CD     Absolutely Not!: Exposing the Postmodern Errors of the Emerging Church (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Johnson, Phil


Book     Always Ready -- Directions for Defending the Faith     Bahsen, Dr. Greg L.


5 CDs     Ambassador Basic Curriculum: Course 1     Koukl, Gregory


5 CDs     Ambassador Basic Curriculum: Course 2     Koukl, Gregory


5 CDs     Ambassador Basic Curriculum: Course 3     Koukl, Gregory


Booklet     Ambassador Insights     Koukl, Gregory


Book     America's God & Country (Encyclopedia Of Quotations)     Federer, William


Book     Answering Islam -- The Crescent in the Light of the Cross     Geisler, Norman & Saleeb, Abdul


Cass     Answering the Challenge of Evolution     Koukl, Greg & Johnson, Phillip


3 CDs     Answering the Problem of Evil     Koukl, Gregory


3 DVDs     Answers With Ken Ham     Ham, Ken


CD     As for Me and My House: Why Pastoral Ministry Must Begin at Home (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Shannon, Bill


Book     Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics     Geisler, Norman


CD     Be Faithful and Multiply: The True Measure of Successful Ministry (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Holland, Rick


Book     Clergy in the Classroom -- The Religion of Secular Humanism     Noebel, David A.


Book     College Without Compromise     Wightman, Scott & Kris


Book     Created Cosmos (A Creation Museum Planetarium Show)     Answers In Genesis


CD     Creativity without Compromise: How to be Innovative without being Seeker-Sensitive (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Hardy, Carey


CD     Cutting It Straight: Understanding Difficult Passages: Genesis I & 2 (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Barrick, Bill


Book     D Is For Dinosaur     Ham, Ken & Mally


CD     Dead Right, Part Two: Taking a Second Look at Fundamentalism (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Johnson, Phil


CD     Despise, Distract or Develop: Establishing a Philosophy of Student Ministry (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Bancroft, Eric


CD     Developing a Servant-Driven Church: Making Members into Ministers (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Dumas, Dan


Book     Did Adam Have a Belly Button? And Other Tough Questions     Ham, Ken


Book     Did Eve Really Have An Extra Rib? And Other Tough Questions     Ham, Ken


DVD     Did God Create in Six Literal Days?     Ham, Ken


DVD     Dinosaurs (Genesis & The Gospel)     Ham, Ken & Davis, Buddy


DVD     Dinosaurs -- In the Bible?     Ham, Ken


Book     Dinosaurs of Eden     Ham, Ken


DVD     Do Animals Evolve?     Ham, Ken


CD     Exegetical Fallacies: Common Mistakes every Student of the Bible Must Avoid (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Barrick, Bill


CD     Extinguished: How to Prevent Pastoral Burnout (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Pile, Jim


Book     Family Focus on Christ     Bouma, Ralph


Book     Fool's Gold     MacArthur, John


Book     For Such a Time as This (Being a Millennial Leader Workbook)     Myers, Jeffrey


DVD     Fossils and the Flood: What's the Connection?     Ham, Ken


CD     Friend or Foe: How to Partner in Ministry with Parents of Teens (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Cagle, Allen


Book     From Playpen to Podium     Myers, Jeff


Genesis: The Key to Reclaiming the Culture
Ham, Ken


CD     General Session #8 (Shepherd's Conference 2008)     Johnson, Phil


Book     God's Claims on Your Children     House, Kirk


DVD     How Can We Evangelize a Secular World? Part 1     Ham, Ken


DVD     How Can We Evangelize a Secular World? Part 2     Ham, Ken


DVD     How Can We Raise Godly Children?     Ham, Ken


CD     How Does God Build His Church? (Shepherds Conference 2008)     MacArthur, John


CD     How Firm a Foundation: The Non-negotiable Pillars of an Effective Ministry (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Busenitz, Irv


CD     How to Preach a Bad Sermon: The Five Mistakes every Preacher Makes (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Holland, Rick


CD     How to Raise a Pharisee: Avoiding Legalism in the Home (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Hardy, Carey


CD     How to Win at Solitaire: Ministering to Singles in your Church (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Gebhards, Kurt


Book     I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist     Geisler, Norman L. & Turek, Frank


DVD     Is Genesis Relevant Today?     Ham, Ken


DVD     Is There Really a God?     Ham, Ken


Book     Jesus: The Only Way (booklet 100 verses)     Koukl, Gregory


CD     Justification: Defending the Heart of the Gospel (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Johnson, Phil


CD     King James Only, Sometimes, Never. Examining the Modern Versions of the Bible (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Barrick, Bill


Book     Life in The Great Ice Age     Oard, Michael & Beverly


CD     Living by the Compass, Not the Clock: Maximizing your Life Direction (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Dumas, Dan


CD     Losing Our Memory: The Danger of Belittling the Lord's Table (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Holland, Rick


CD     Luke 20-21 (Shepherds Conference 2008)     MacArthur, John


CD     Maneuvering Through the Ministry Minefield: Biblically Handling Common Ministry Threats (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Blakey, Bruce


Book     Mind Siege     LaHaye, Tim


VHS     Molder of Dreams     Doud, Guy Rice


CD     Neighborhood Watch: Methods for Ministry in your Local Community (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Stitzinger, Jim


Book     Never Too Early     Claggert, Doreen


CD     Now That's the Spirit: Assessing and Addressing Evangelical Charismatics (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Busenitz, Nathan


Book     Of Knights and Fair Maidens     Myers, Jeff & Danielle


DVD     Old-earth Geology & Christian Compromise (Part 1)     Mortenson, Dr. Terry


DVD     Old-earth Geology & Christian Compromise (Part 2)     Mortenson, Dr. Terry


CD     On the Shoulders of Giants: Snapshots from Church History. George Whitefield (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Lawson, Steve


Book     One Blood-The Biblical Answer to Racism     Ham, Wieland, Batten


Book     One Thing you can't do in Heaven     Cahill, Mark


DVD     Only One Race     Ham, Ken


CD     Panic Attacked: Helping Christians Overcome Worry and Anxiety (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Street, John


CD     Plumbing the Depths: Counseling Beyond the Surface Issues (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Hardy, Carey


Book     Pocket Dictionary of Apologetics & Philosophy of Religion     Evans, C. Stephen


Book     Politically Correct Death-Answering Arguments for Abortion Rights     Beckwith, Francis J.


CD     Preach the Word: A case for Expository Preaching (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Dumas, Dan


DVD     Pride Goes Before Destruction     Cahill, Mark


CD     Programs, Get Your Programs: Exposing the Flaws of the Fad-driven Church (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Johnson, Phil


CD     Q & A (Shepherds Conference 2008)     MacArthur, John


DVD     Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World     Ham, Ken


CD     Ready or Not?: A Biblical Look at the Rapture (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Richard Mayhue


Book     Reasoning From the Scriptures With Jehovah's Witnesses     Rhodes, Ron


Book     Reasoning From the Scriptures With the Mormons     Rhodes, Ron


Book     Refuting Evolution     Sarfati, Jonathan


Book     Refuting Evolution 2     Sarfati, Jonathan


Book     Relativism: Feet Firmly Planted in Mid-air     Beckwith, Frank & Koukl, Greg


DVD     Responding to Relativism     Beckwith, Frank & Koukl, Greg


CD     Restoration Hardware: The Biblical Plan for Dealing with Unrepentant, Habitual Sin (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Shannon, Bill


CD     Rome Is Burning: Examining the Damning Doctrines of Roman Catholicism (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Johnson, Phil


CD     Scoring Your Music: Striving for a Balanced Approach to Music in Worship (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Erb, Clayton & Brandenstein, Ball


Book     Search The Scriptures     Stibbs, Alan M.


WkBk & DVDs     Secrets of Everyday Leaders     Myers, Jeff


WkBk & VHS     Secrets of Great Communicators     Myers, Jeff


CD     Servant or Slave of Christ? (Shepherds Conference 2008)      MacArthur, John


WkBk & DVDs     Secrets of the World Changers     Myers, Jeff


Book     Shattering the Myths of Darwinism     Milton, Richard


Book     Sinners In The Hand Of A Good God     Clotfelter, David


CD     Skirting the Issue: Addressing the Role of Women and Biblical Femininity (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Hardy, Carey


DVD      Special Report: Hidden Facts Revealed! Global Warming     Answers In Genesis


Book     Spiritual Leadership     Sanders, J. Oswald


3 CDs     Strong Kids in a Strange World      Myers, Jeff


Book     Stop Dating The Church     Harris, Joshua


6 CDs     Student Survival Kit     Koukl, Gregory


5 CDs     Tactics in Defending the Faith     Koukl, Gregory


6 CDs     Teaching to Transform Culture     Myers, Jeff


CD     The 7 Distingished Marks of the Word (Shepherds Conference 2008)     Lawson, Steve


Book     The Answers Book     Ham, Sarfati


Book     The Battle for Truth     Noebel, David


4 CDs     The Berkeley Lectures     Koukl, Gregory


DVD     The Bible Explains Dinosaurs     Ham, Ken


8 CDs     The Bible Fast Forward     Koukl, Gregory


Book     The Case For A Creator     Strobel, Lee


Book     The Case For Christ     Strobel, Lee


Book     The Case For Faith     Strobel, Lee


Book     The Case For The Real Jesus     Strobel, Lee


Book     The Coming Econimic Earthquake     Burkett, Larry


Book     The Counterfeit Gospel of Mormonism     Beckwith, Geisler, Rhodes, Roberts, & Tanners


CD     The Danger of Familiarity w/God (Shepherds Conference 2008)     Holland, Rick


Book     The Genesis Record     Morris, Henry M.


Book     The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved!     Ham, Ken


Book     The Gospel According to Jesus     MacArthur, John F.


DVD     The Hearing Ear And The Seeing Eye     Menton, Dr. David


Book     The Lie: Evolution     Ham, Ken


Book     The Life and Times of Jesus The Messiah     Edersheim, Alfred


3 CDs     The Life of Wisdom     Myers, Jeff


Book     The Master's Plan for The Church     MacArthur, John F.


CD     The Missions-Minded Church: How to Give your People a Global Perspective (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Edwards, Kevin


Book     The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict     McDowell, Josh


Book     The Next Step 2 Babywise     Ezzo, Gary and Bucknam, Robert


Book     The Shaping of a Christian Family     Elliot, Elizabeth


DVD     The Six Days of Creation     Ham, Ken


Book     The Soul of Science -- Christian Faith & Natural Philosophy     Pearsons, Nancy


DVD     The Summit Lecture Series -- The Case for the Pro-Life Position     Klusendorf, Scott


Book     The Sword of the Prophet -- Islam History, Theology, Impact on the World     Trifkovic, Serge


Book     The Tabernacle     Levy, David M.


Book     The Word Of God In English     Ryken, Leland


Book     The Young Earth     Morris, John D.


Book     Think Biblically     MacArthur, John


Book     Total Truth     Pearcey, Nancy


Book     Truth Encounter     Pezzotta, Anthony


Book     Understanding the Times     Noebel, David


DVD     Unlocking The Mystery of Life     Illustra Media, Starring Jay Richards, Directed by Lad Allen


Book     Walking Through Shadows     Ham & Wieland


Book     Warranted Christian Belief     Plantinga, Alvin


DVD      What Is the Only Answer to Racism?      Ham, Ken


Book     What The Bible Says about ... Child Training     Fugate, J. Tichard


CD     When Good Preachers Make Bad Pastors: Bringing Balance to Pastoral Ministry (Shepherds Conference 2006)      Pile, Jim


Book     When Grace Comes Alive     Johnson, Terry L.


DVD     Where Did The Races Come From?     Ham, Ken


DVD     Where did God Come From?     Ham, Ken


DVD     Why Won't They Listen?     Ham, Ken


CD     Why are You Here? (Shepherds Conference 2008)     Pennington, Tom


DVD     Why is There Death and Suffering?     Ham, Ken


Book     Withhold Not Correction     Ray, Bruce A.


Book     Witnessing to Jews -- Practical Ways to Relate the Love of Jesus     Rosen, Moishe & Ceil


CD     Woe Is Me If..: The Importance of Gospel-Centered Preaching (Shepherds Conference 2006)     Holland, Rick


Book     Worldiness     Mahaney, C. J.


Book     You Don't Have to be Gay     Konrad, Jeff
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